I find the IMG membership benefits to be truly remarkable, and I could say the first of its kind in the financial industry.

Whereas other companies focus on sales and commissions, IMG’s focus is to deliver its mission of financial education first and foremost; because we believe that financial ignorance can make you poor and also lead you to make the wrong choices or worse, get scammed! That’s how important financial knowledge is first!

IMG also has established agreements with many of the leading financial services companies who offer a broad array of financial products and services. In this way, when a person decides to apply what he/she has learned through IMG’s training and lectures, he/she can avail of the recommended financial products through IMG’s affiliated product partners. Technically, IMG educates and only recommends; just like a doctor who diagnoses and recommends medicines and not necessarily selling medicines.

Hence, IMG is what you may call a one-stop-shop of financial products and services. Being part of IMG, we remove the middle man (agent) and so we take charge of our financial future and become our own Money Manager.

International Marketing Group is a pioneering global company that serves as an avenue towards the ease of financial security. It also caters the financial needs of every individual and families who wish to access financial independence.

The International Marketing Group values your success that is why our associates make it sure that they work towards our targeted aim which is to help people be capable and be finally independent on accomplishing critical financial decisions. International Marketing Group has collaborated with the world’s top-tier financial services firms. With their licensed financial educators and wide array of financial products and services, International Marketing Group has transformed a great number of individuals from being nobody to somebody.


To help create wealth for families.
To make a difference for families so there will be No Family Left Behind.

Cultivate every individual’s innate capacity to develop a positive mindset in becoming financially independent. We focus on promoting financial literacy. We teach every individual from being spender to saver to investor to entrepreneur.


To Build a new Financial Industry, where everyone can earn what the wealthy is earning by bringing the secrets of the wealthy to all.

The International Marketing Group aspires to become the forefront among the companies of its kind today. To further drive the right business concepts, services, and product not just to the affluent people but to the middle-income individuals as well.


The operations used in the system and the people behind it are what makes International Marketing Group successful. They have a solidly out-and-out marketing system which enables the members to cultivate their skills in becoming potential entrepreneurs.

In International Marketing Group, each associate is an entrepreneur or an independent business owner with the power to build teams on their own. Dedication, work ethics, and a great deal of effort play the major role in attaining success on this field of business. The outcome determines how well a member is practicing the major roles set to achieve success.

Everyone in the team is expected to be committed in helping co-members.


IMG wants to see all its associates succeed. That's why IMG provides you with the corporate support and benefits you need to build a strong business. When you become a member of IMG, you and your business will enjoy these benefits:

  • FREE Lifetime Financial Education
  • FREE Lifetime Financial Check up
  • FREE Lifetime Product Trainings
  • Discounts on various financial products and services
    • Non-Life Insurance
    • Real Estate
    • Auto Insurance
    • Estate Preservation
    • Life Insurance
  • Earn Commissions
  • Business Ownership Program - Be in the financial service business who represents multiple financial products and services
  • And more..


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