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Hi, hello! My name is Lisa Santiago-Bobiles, happily married to my life and mission partner, Rhenee and proud mother to our unica hija, Pia Maria Isabelle.

Presently I am a full-time working mom + after-schooling mom based in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam where I have been an OFW for more than 20 years.

My family and I are also members of a global Catholic charismatic community and actively serve in our local parish here in Brunei.

I first met International Marketing Group (IMG) in September 2010 when my Dad visited my family in Brunei for a short vacation. During his time with us, he shared with us the enlightening IMG session – “Practical Money Management & Investment Strategies” – and the practical financial concepts shared really opened my eyes that I still had a lot to learn in handling our family’s finances. At that time, I was also struggling financially so the session also gave me the hope and boost I needed to make the necessary steps to get out of my challenging situation.

Before my Dad went back to the Philippines, he helped me sign up as an IMG member. Afterwards my husband and I invested in our long-term health care and investment insurances. We also started applying the financial concepts we learned in IMG, slowly but surely, with the support and mentoring of my Dad and other IMG financial coaches (Richard, Norman and Jick).

In March 2012 (after 11 years of waiting), we welcomed our little miracle, Pia Maria Isabelle, and this gave us even more determination to keep on learning and applying the financial concepts that were being taught by IMG. Like any parent, we want to be able to provide the best for our child and we firmly believed that IMG could help us with this.

When I joined in 2010, I recall that there were less than 10 membership benefits and today there are 30 amazing benefits! Also in 2010, everything from the application of my membership to processing my long-term health care and investment was done manually – filling up forms and sending them by LBC/DHL to IMG HQ in Makati… but now, (almost) everything can easily be done online which is so convenient, especially for OFWs like me! Previously, I also couldn’t attend the other IMG financial seminars but now these seminars are also available online so that every IMG member around the world can now be taught, coached and mentored by our top IMG trainers and coaches.

True to its mission of empowering Filipino families with financial education, IMG is really doing all it can to reach more and more families using every means possible!

IMG is a real blessing to our family. I will forever be thankful to my Dad for sharing IMG to us. Thanks to IMG’s established partnerships with many of the leading financial services companies, I have been able to start the necessary steps in building our family’s solid financial foundation with short-term and long-term healthcare, life insurance, mutual fund investments. 

IMG has also paved the way for me to become my own ‘Money Manager’, removing the middle man (agent) so that I can take charge of my financial future. Through IMG’s unique and powerful system, I have also been able to build an additional source of income for my family by simply ‘paying it forward’ i.e. sharing to other families what IMG has done for me.

Building a solid financial foundation takes time, mentoring and discipline – it is tough to do on your own! With IMG’s support and system, I found a community that inspires and motivates me to stick to my financial goals, and transformed me from being a spender to a saver and investor. I still have a long road ahead of me in reaching financial freedom but I know that with IMG, I am on the way to achieve it. If you would also like to improve your financial life and attain financial independence, I am here to help! I want to help you become successful in building your financial future – you can count on me to mentor and coach you – this is my mission and passion!