Before IMG I was a non-believer in Life Insurance but now, I am a certified convert!

Building wealth while taking care of family responsibilities takes time, and just in case of untimely accident, disability or worse, death, I want to have the peace of mind that I will not leave my family financially devastated.

Like what is always mentioned in IMG trainings, Life Insurance does not insure your life but it does help ensure that your family can continue their life should something happen to you. And so if you truly love your family, make sure to get proper and adequate Life Insurance as soon as you can!


Here’s one thing that I want you to understand and I will make it very clear. You won't benefit from life insurance. But… the people that you love, your family, will. The main purpose of life insurance is to replace your income if something happens to you.

Let’s illustrate:
Let’s say you are the breadwinner of the family and you have a monthly income of Php25,000 (Php300,000 yearly). Because you love your family, you bought a life insurance with 3 million coverage.

In the event that something happens to you, your family will receive the Php 3 million. What will they do with the 3 million? Well it is up to them because you're no longer around. They could spend it all in a few years, months or even days. However, if you teach them to save and invest that 3 million pesos, it could go a long way. If they invest the 3 million at an interest of 10% per year, your family will be receiving 300,000 as interest yearly without touching the principal.

Please note that while you are alive, you are providing your family 300,000 yearly. But when you’re gone, the life insurance you bought provides the same amount. This is because life insurance is your INCOME REPLACEMENT. This means that, your family can live, and your daughter can finish her studies and graduate and they have funds to use for their daily expenses.


We always thought that life insurance is expensive and only the rich can afford it. But you know what? That’s not true at all if you know how to buy life insurance.

Let me share with you about the most affordable life insurance that I know of. This is the Manila Banker’s Life Multiple Option Term Insurance 18 (M.O.S.T. 18). This is by far one of the most affordable pure term life insurance in the country right now.

For example:
At age 30, you can get 1 million Life Insurance for a price of Php 5,710 per annum or around Php 16 per day

Manila Bankers Life is now under new management and is part of the growing companies affiliated with International Marketing Group. IMG acquired Manila Bankers Life because they want to deliver their promise to provide a more affordable yet higher insurance coverage to Filipinos.

I'm NOT going to offer you life insurance. What I’m offering you is an opportunity to show your love to your family by protecting their future.

Watch our financial coaching video about life insurance and discover the following:

  1. Why Life Insurance is the Best Investment .
  2. Different Types of Life Insurance and what's best for you.
  3. How to get the High Life Insurance Coverage at a Low Cost.



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